Adhi Yuniarto ST., MT., Ph.D.

Adhi Yuniarto ST., MT., Ph.D.

ST., MT., PhD

Ora et Labora

2011 : Adhi Yuniarto, Use of a membrane bioreactor in effluent treatment from electroplating industry: Oil and grease.

  1. 2013 : Adhi Yuniarto, ,, Membrane bioreactor: Applications and limitations in treating high strength industrial wastewater.
  2. 2013 : Adhi Yuniarto, , ,, Bio-fouling reducers for improving the performance of an aerobic submerged membrane bioreactor treating palm oil mill effluent.
  3. 2011 : Adhi Yuniarto, Effects of Glucose on the Reactive Black (RB5) Decolorization by Two White Rot Basidiomycetes

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