Going to the research based institution, DEE ITS always strives to improve learning process as well management system. As part of thorough implementation to be internationally recognized institut, we do not compromise with safety. Therefore, We have implemented safe practice of many activities in the DEE environment. For this purpose, we have prepared signs and guidelines for evacuation. In the first step, alarm will be activated. Alarms are located on locations where they are easy to reach. One alarm is located in the administration building on 2nd floor.

Second step, once alarm is activated, the person in charge for each floor will guide all people by following the signs which are available on entire area of DEE. The end point is Assembly Point located in the parking area, in front of DEE.

Furthermore, each person can observe the evacuation plan which we attach on several areas over the DEE. Below is the example of evacuation plan on the secretariat.

Below is the video of evacuation drills which was held on Thursday, 5th February 2015.